Thursday, February 14, 2008

Souls in peace

It has been a great journey for me being in Istanbul and all.After 10 months I am getting used to this city.I have a simple life here, a room, a job, a university and a very nice co-workers.It's a wonderful thing to reach and hold peace in your life.After 10 months of struggling around now I have become happy.
Sometime it really help to change a few thing in life.I began with location.

Frankly speaking I am happier than anytime.It's a good thing to be in peace with yourself.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hollywood spoof?!

Playing with history isn't new.I am talking about 300 movie.But those fanatics wining about US government and their conspiracy(!) missing a point here.300 is not a documentary.It's a movie made to entertain people.Also Frank Miller author of graphic novel 300, had tried to entertain his readers.
To tell the truth 300 is a popcorn movie.A movie that entertain you.Lots of action, blood and violence.This is what it takes to make a entertaining movie nowadays.Zack Snyder, director of 300 had done a great job.It is a movie you can watch and enjoy.
So, if you haven't watched it, buy a big popcorn and big gulp and try to enjoy the movie.Still questions, here is a couple of links.Let this post enlighten your road(Hah, that was great.It just came over!)

This is what an American say:
And this is what an Iranian say:

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Midnight Sun

I have always loved European movies.No wacky musics, no CG visual effects and so on.Always simple."Lovers of the Arctic Circle" is one of them.
You can feel cool air in your face while watching this movie.It has a interesting relieve.Most beautiful scene, Ana dead, lying on the ground ;Otto looks into her face.When the camera zoom on Ana's eyes you can see her tears.Of course you have no idea what I am talking about.So this might be a chance to rediscover this movie.

Monday, January 21, 2008

New flat-mate, new skills?!

Seriously, which one you guys have a housemate who can make traditional Turkish dessert?Well mine does, despite he is a guy.The fact is this dessert was amazingly delicious!Well, my old housemates could play Ney, this new one makes great desserts :)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Are we alive or dead?

This is a new and still warm corner.I'll try to write down things that happened occasionally to me once in a while.Things that happen without a plan or just be there.Like watching a movie while zapping between channels, or music I heard on radio and stuff like this.
Today's special is a movie."The Others", a very successful work from Alejandro Amenabar.While switching between channels I saw this movie on MTV-Türkiye.It might look like a horror movie first, but believe there is nothing scary in this movie.Of course if you are a religious person might taste a little harsh.But if you try to keep your mind more open, this is the movie.Way better than Matrix.Despite it is on of Hollywood-style movies, it bears a much more beautiful concept.How can you realize if you are alive?Or dead? What are the significant signs of being dead?
Personally I have nothing against Hollywood, but sometimes their movies just suck!But The Others is on a different type.Director Alejandro Amenabar did a great job on this movie.The angle of camera will take you to the old mansion.Lighting is perfect.Acting is just great.Especially little Alakina Mann.On the contrary Nicole Kidman is way below good.Anyway, The others can be your little escape from wicked philosophy of religion.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Read a book, save a soul...

Personally I don't read a lot, except technical text involving my field.But once in a while I read a book.This time based on my friend Alireza's suggestion I read "Memoria de Mis Putas Tristes" by one of most talented south American writers, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.The book is in PDF format and is a Farsi translation of book.
I liked it a lot.It's a fascinating book.Despite it's not a thousand page novel, each of five parts will drove you away to south America.To a small town.Deep into life of our story teller.Back to his memories.
The story might look a little perverted in first look, but it's a great love story.Love of a 90 years old young, discovering true love again.A love only he can feel.
Anyway if you feel like reading a book, Memoria de Mis Putas Tristes is a perfect choice.Yet, if you know Farsi, I am gonna give a link you can download and read this book in Farsi.

Friday, January 18, 2008

"I created you! I gave you a piece of my soul.I granted you eternal life.I gave you everything, and now you are ignoring my existence?!" God said to man.Man rolled his eyes on empty space and replied :"You did gave me all, but above everything you gave me free will!You wanted me to be free of you.You made me in such a way I am free of everything.You gave me mind.With that and free will I deny you .With everything I got I deny you".God turned his back on man and asked rock same question.Rock growth a mouth out of it's solid cover and answered "You gave man soul, you gave him mind.You didn't do anything! You created man, gave him mind.He created you , me and everything between"

Only limit of creativity is borders of imagination-Farshad